The January-February 2018 issue of the Satellite Executive Briefing magazine

The January-February 2018 issue of  the  Satellite Executive Briefing magazine  focusing on sponsored by Work Microwave  is now available.  Featuring:

Middle East Satellite Update by Virgil Labrador

8K Ultra HD Maning Inroads in the Japanese Broadcast Market by Naoakira Kamiya

Executive Spotlight Interview with Alexander Muller-Gastell, CEO and Managing Director-ND Satcom

How Satellites Bring You a Better Flight

Conference Report: First VSAT Congress  by Elisabeth Tweedie

Company Spotlight:  Work Microwave

Plus show report on WDTC 2017, Product and Services MarketPlace Guide to CABSAT 2018 Executive Moves, Market Briefs, Vital Statistics and many more.  Click here to read or download the file