Application Technology Strategy LLC

Application Technology Strategy LLC is committed to the success of new and existing networks, application systems and organizations that employ broadband technologies, satellite and wireless communications, and Information Technology. Our experience in satellite communications, both in thespace segment and ground segment, allows us to better assist clients that are considering how this medium can address earthly needs. Likewise, we fully understand the breadth and depth of the telecommunications infrastructure on the ground, including current and evolving standards such as wireless and cellular and the suppliers that offer the most desirable resources. We are experts in preparing program plans and cost-reduction analyses that provide a foundation for sound decisions. Other expertise includes RF design and radio wave propagation, satellite design and performance evaluation, and ground segment systems engineering. For more information go to:

We offer our consulting and staff development services to organizations in the public and private sectors. With over 30 years of experience in the global fixed and mobile telecommunications and IT environment, we know how to look at needs and problems and resolve them by working in close collaboration with the client.

ATS provides clients with technical and management consulting services and knowledge that promote success in telecommunications and IT. Through our extensive experience in all fixed and mobile applications of satellite communications  and the systems required for their implementation, we have assisted major corporations and government agencies. Satellite application areas include video and audio broadcasting, data networks involving small terminas (VSATs)  and backhaul links, and the latest generation of broadband and mobile satellite communications systems. We understand the ins and outs of defining the architecture, RF and baseband design, and construction program, properly implementing a new communications service, fixing what may be broken, staying on schedule and within budget, and inserting advanced technology into an existing system. In large enterprises where we contribute, major software and network systems must be introduced without loss of business performance. We have had to learn in formal situations and on our own, perfecting our ability to organize, design, communicate and transfer understanding to others.

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