The Satellite Technology Guide for the 21st Century-An Indispensable Reference


The Satellite Technology Guide for the 21st Century, 2nd. Edition
by Virgil S. Labrador with chapter contributions from John M. Puetz, DC Palter and Daniel B. Freyer.
200 pages / 5.5" x 8.5" / Illustrated with photos, tables and diagrams with appendices
ISBN: 978-1-60530-421-2
Price: US$ 20.00

Newly revised and updated, the Satellite Technology Guide for the 21st Century clearly explains in non-technical terms the basics of satellite communications technology and how it works. This book also provides a historical background of the industry, its current status, market prospects, trends and the future of satellite communications. Fully illustrated with graphs and tables, the book contains appendices including a glossary of terms and a list of industry resources.  To order or for more information, click here.