The Satellite Technology Guide for the 21st Century-An Indispensable Reference

Face the challenging economic times head on and arm yourself with the essential guide to the global satellite industry with the newly released indispensable reference to the industry, The Satellite Technology Guide for the 21st Century.

The Satellite Technology Guide for the 21st Century clearly explains in non-technical terms the basics of satellite communications technology and how it works. This book also provides a historical background of the industry, its current status, market prospects, trends and the future of satellite communications. Fully illustrated with graphs and tables,  the  book contains appendices including a glossary of terms and a list of industry resources. 


“Our company has been exploring with other partners the possibility of going into the satellite business. This book provides valuable and actionable information to get started in the business including how the technology works, who are the major players and what are the opportunities and prospects in the global satellite industry. 
It is well-written in a non-technical style that anyone can easily understand and can be read from cover to cover during a long plane ride or a leisurely weekend. It is heavily illustrated with instructive graphics and includes many references to the current industry situation and latest statistics.” 

--E. Khan, CEO, Cosmos Group  of Companies Vancouver, Canada

“If you are looking for a readable, fi rst-class reference on satellite communications - that won’t put you to sleep-  I recommend The Satellite Technology Guide for the 21st Century. Virgil, a veteran communicator in our industry, has authored another valuable reference that is both technically accurate and a good read.” 
--Thomas van der Heyden, Telecommunications and Digital Media Practice Consultant, MRI China Hong Kong, China
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