Interview with TELEBRAS President Jarbas Valente

​Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 30, 2017---TELEBRAS Brazilian Satellite Ka-Band will be offering in a Public auction 70% of the capacity in two lots next September after the roadshow in Brazil, UK and USA during the month of August 2017The President of Telebras Mr. Jarbas Valente announced Monday August 14 that the new date for the auction will be September 27,2017 after receiving few requests for more time for the bid.

Satellite Markets and Research Latin American correspondent Bernardo Schneiderman interviewed Mr. Jarbas on the specifics of the public auction. Follows are the key points to understand in brief the Telebras program for the public offer of satellite capacity in Ka-Band with 100% coverage of Brazilian territory and coastal areas.

              Jarbas Valente

When is the bid due date and what capacity will be available in the two lots?

The auction date is September 27 but other dates in the scope of the official document is listed.

What will be the criteria to win the bid for capacity and the VSAT technology?

For Lot 1 will be the Capacity Price subtracted by the Commitments Price. For Lot 2 will be the Capacity Price. This dynamic is described in the official document.

Is possible to have consortium to bid in the project?

Yes, Brazilian or foreign companies can be associated in consortium.

Is a minimum bond guarantee required for bidding in this project?

To participate in the bid, the proponent must present a guarantee of Brazilian Reales 5 million. To execute the contract, the assignee must present guarantee of 30% of the global price of the contract.

Is any other business requirement to qualify to bid or need to send a confirmation letter with intention to bid?

Yes, in the Open Call for Bids there are all the technical, legal and financial requirements. For example, only companies with, at least 5 thousand VSATs terminals can participate. 

What is the estimated value of the total capacity available for the public offer?

This information is classified and will be published after the bidding process.

What is the term of payment for the winner of the offer?

There are two payment terms: 15% entrance + ramp-up (according to official document) monthly payments or onetime payment

Any other key business information that you believe is critical for the program that is not covered by the previous questions?

The evaluation of the commercial proposal of Lot 1 will be considered the price of the capacity subtracted by the Commitments price, according to the official document.

Telebras is looking for a strategic partner that will support Telebras customers and services, as well as provide satellite communications services using the synergies between both Telebras and the company that will be Assignee of SGDC capacity.

Can you provide the coverage of the capacity and how many capacities per beam will be available?

The coverage and capacity are described in the official document and also described in Annex A. Total capacity is 60 Gbps within 67 beams.

How many teleports is available by Telebras for this project?

Five gateways that covers all 67 user-beams for Satellite for Defense and Communications satellite

(SGDC) complete coverage. 

The winner of the bid can use the Telebras Teleport facilities to install the VSAT hubs?

Yes, actually it is required that the winning bidders must use the five gateways, Telebras 13m antennas with RF systems and data-center space (colocation). All the conditions and prices are defined in Annex E (Colocation Contract), that is a classified document to be withdrawn by proponents upon NDA signature.

Is any specific demand for the VSAT technology that Telebras will be interested to implement?

Efficient and scalable VSAT platforms is a must for Telebras for Lot 1. For Lot 2 equipment will be defined by the Winning Bidders.

Is any restriction to use capacity for mobility application like terrestrial, maritime or aeronautical?

Equipment must be certified by Anatel (Brazilian regulator agency) and Telebras to work properly with SGDC. Frequency plan must be approved by Telebras.

What is the estmated life of the satellite at this time?

18.9 years initially, operated by Telebras.

Any limitation or required VSAT technology to be implemented in this capacity?

Performance and efficiency requirements are defined in Annex D5 (e.g.: DVB-S2x).


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